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Resolution of NRI Property Matter is very complicated and many of the people are not aware about the legalities involved with it. Our best NRI Legal Services related to the NRI Property Management includes:

  1. Tenant eviction.
  2. The partition of property.
  3. Lost property papers.
  4. Succession Certificate.
  5. Property Registration.
  6. NRI Property Dispute between Siblings & Bothers.
  7. Inheriting Property Without or with a Will.
  8. Special Power of Attorney.
  9. Gift Deed for the Property, etc.

At RK Legal Advisors, we provide the best and cost-effective procedure of NRI Legal Services related to the NRI Property Management. Get the free consultation from our best NRI Property Lawyers in Chandigarh via clicking the button below.

Procedure Of NRI Property Management In Chandigarh


Step 1: NRI Legal Consulation

The initial step of our NRI Property Management Services is to exactly understand your query and draft it in One Page Note which contains a brief summary of your case.

Step 2: Finalizing the Best NRI Divorce Lawyer which Suits Your the Most

Follow up with an initial consultation regarding your NRI Property Matter and after understanding your query, we’ll assign you the best nri property lawyers in chandigarh for your NRI Legal Services related to your property management. The resourceful NRI Property Lawyer assigned to your is your personal case manager that will be available 24*7 for you. You’ll discuss about your Legal Matter at any time which suits you the most. Our aim of this availability is to simplify the whole process of Property Management and provide you an expedited justice to NRIs.

Step 3: Submission Of Your Documents:

To submit your case in Court you’ve to submit your documents which includes:

  1. Identity Proof.
  2. Address Proof.
  3. Succession Certificate.
  4. Ownership Of Property Proof.
  5. Copy of Will.

You should submit all these document to the nri property lawyer assigned to you.

Step 4: Court Arguments & Hearing in Court:

After the completion of your case file along with the required documents related to your case. The NRI Property Lawyer assigned to you submit your case in the court. This file is submitted along with the particular person to whom you’ve assigned a special power of attorney. In case of any cheating or fraud/forgery, your legal matter is move to the police insted of civil court.

Documents Required For NRI Property Management Services:

  1. Your Proof of Ownership of Property.
  2. In Case of Dispute the Chain Of Property Paper, Throughout Lineage is Required.
  3. An One Page Note is required which contains a brief summary and explanation of your case and query.

Why RK Legal Advisors India?


RK Legal Adviors India along with the panel of resourceful and effective NRI Lawyers provides best nri legal services. If you’re an NRI and if you are stuck with any NRI Legal work in India. We assured you that it will get it done for you in record time by our professional lawyers.

  1. Cost effective NRI legal services.
  2. All efforts taken to make it Less Tiresome for the customer.
  3. 24*7 support on call from NRI lawyers and dedicated case manager.
  4. Customer-centric approach for every case.

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We at RK Legal Advisors in India providing best NRI Legal Services with the help of our best NRI Lawyers in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Our also provide local NRI Legal Services in all over the India.

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