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The current count of NRIs spread all over the world is 32 million. And the average time taken by the NRI Divorce Lawyers in Gujarat is 1.3 years approx. which is a shocking figure. With the help of our NRI Divorce Lawyers In Gujarat, we provide the best solution of your legal issue without any visit to india.

We have a team of best NRI Divorce Lawyers in Gujarat will ensure you the required justice in a least amount of time in a very cost effective manner. Here you'll get a personal legal assistant who is available for you 24x7 to provide you the best legal support at any time.

Procedure Of NRI Divorce Lawyers In Gujarat?

If you're an NRI and not able to visit India, then our court gives some concessions to NRIs. The berief description of that concessions are given below:

#1 Legal Concession

If you're not able to visit India for the court proceedings, then you can assign your power to someone with the help of general power of attorney to some. This power of attorney will only transfer to you close family member only.

#2 Legal Concession

Initially, the court will provide you a time period of 6 months to rethink your decision. But if both of you don't want to reconsider about it then the court proceeding will pass to the final step.

#3 Legal Concession

The court has right to extend this time period to 18 months. So, that the NRIs will allocate his existence and consent between that period.

Documents Required For NRI Divorce:

  1. Identity Proofs.
  2. Your Address Proofs
  3. Note of events in sequential order from marriage date till present date.

Why RK Legal Advisors?

RK Legal Advisors India with the help of their best NRI Divorce Lawyers in Gujarat, provide you best NRI Legal Services. With the help of them and their experience you'll also able to solve your legal issue without any visit to India. We provide you the best solution within record time with the help of our professional divorce lawyers in gujarat.

  • Cost-effective NRI legal services.
  • Customer-centric approach for every case.
  • All efforts are taken to make it Less Tiresome for the customer.
  • You’ll get online support via email, WhatsApp Chat, or Phone Call.
  • 24x7 support on call from NRI lawyers and dedicated case manager.
  • We provide you the best NRI legal consultation provide you answers to all of your queries.

Our Locations:

We at RK Legal Advisors in India providing best NRI Legal Services with the help of our best NRI Lawyers in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Our also provide local NRI Legal Services in all over the India like NRI Lawyers in Gujarat, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, Punjab, etc.

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